Automotive Services

Proper maintenance is the key that drives vehicles to perform better. As such, you need an auto mechanic that you can trust—someone who cares about your vehicle like you do. 

At LRC Automotive, we know that a great driving experience doesn’t rely completely on the car make and model. All the parts play an active role. Our skilled mechanics and professional motor engineers in Rotorua offer only the best automotive services possible. From the bonnet to the boot, we make sure that your vehicle is always in top condition.


Keep your engines running whenever and wherever you go. Let our skilled motor engineers perform regular check-ups to make sure that your vehicle performs smoothly and efficiently. From radiators to air and fuel filters, there’s no car problem that’s too big for us. 


When your vehicle gets a bit clunky between gears, visit us for a transmission diagnosis. Our Rotorua car service experts are passionate about cars as you are. They went through strict training and had years of experience to make sure they get the job done with little to no errors.


Do something to keep you and your passengers safe. If there’s a part that always needs to be in good condition, it’s your brakes. Let our brake fitting and repair services help you to stop whenever you need to.
Man cleaning his car bonnet
Rotorua cars repaired by our motor engineers


Prepare for the smoothest, most discreet ride of your life. Our auto mechanics see to it that your suspension systems can help control your vehicle better by maximising the friction between the tyres and the road.

Panel beating

From rust removal and painting to panel beating, let our automotive services make your ride look good as new. Our full car service in Rotorua offers repair and body kits, airbrushing, baking and fibre glassing for a reasonable price.
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