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If there’s something auto owners don’t want to happen, that is their vehicle giving up in the middle of the road or whenever they need to use it. Breakdowns happen occasionally no matter the age, mileage and type of vehicle you own. Even with proper maintenance, there’s no guarantee that your vehicle won’t ever encounter a problem. This is why we’re here.

LRC Automotive works with a professional engine and motor repair staff to help you fix occasional breakdowns and get your vehicle back on the road where it belongs. If your car needs an engine tune up to bring it back to its optimum performance, look no further than our skilled mechanics.

Good Service at a Good Price

Engine repairs may cost more than you can imagine, especially when you don’t have an idea what’s causing the problem. Our auto mechanics at Rotorua don’t keep secrets. We tell you everything, from what your vehicle needs, to why and when you need them. Bring your vehicle to our shop or call us to talk about how we can help you transport it.
Motor Repair
Updated Equipment and Tools

Our repair shop at Rotorua uses the latest equipment and techniques to help with your engine repair and engine tune up needs. We always look for the newest and most creative ways to satisfy you with our job. Regardless of the make and model of your vehicle, we have the tools to detect and repair the following issues before they get worse:
  • No-start Engine – battery, fuel pump, ignition switch and starter motor relay failure
  • Overheating – defective thermostat, radiator hose and cap, cooling fan and air filter
  • Lack of Compression – compression leaks due to worn out piston rings or exhaust valves
  • Poor Fuel Economy – faulty mass air-flow sensor leading to poor fuel delivery control
  • Catalytic Convertor – deteriorated spark plugs and broken oxygen sensor
At LRC Automotive, we want your vehicle to perform at its best. Contact us today for more information about our engine and motor repair services in Rotorua.
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